Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Fish Oil Pregnancy Tips – Is it Safe For Your Baby?

What you eat is always important, but when you are carrying a baby everything becomes downright critical. Your diet is no exception. What you eat in the coming months could determine whether your baby is born healthy or with birth defects. So, where does fish fit into this picture? Consider a few fish oil pregnancy tips before you bite into that tuna salad sandwich.

Safe Forms of Fish Oil

The most important fish oil pregnancy tip is to make a distinction between different varieties of fish. Yes, any type of fish will give you some fish oil, but not all will give high amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids you need from that oil. More importantly, not all types of fish are safe for your developing baby.

Some varieties of fish contain high amounts of mercury, which can be toxic to your body when eaten on a regular basis. When it comes to tuna, light canned tuna in water will have less mercury than solid albacore tuna. Shrimp, salmon, and catfish are also safe varieties to eat anytime, but especially during pregnancy.
Also, try to avoid farm raised fish sources if at all possible as they have been shown to contain higher traces of mercury than fish fresh from the ocean.

As long as you limit your fish consumption to about 12 ounces a week or take a 100% pure fish oil supplement approved by your doctor, there are great benefits of this supplement during pregnancy. The number one pregnancy tip is to make sure you do take advantage of the benefits of omega 3 to your growing baby. Studies have shown breastfeeding mothers who eat enough fish oil pass on greater neural growth benefits to their infant.

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