Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 Pregnancy Tips to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

Are you looking to conceive a baby boy to complete your family? There are many couples out there just like you who wants to have a son in the family. Maybe because you already had 2 daughters and wanted your third baby to be a boy. Or maybe, your in-laws are pressuring you to have a son just so to carry on the family line… or maybe, you just like baby boys better and always wanted one.

If so, then you will probably find the 3 pregnancy tips below exceptionally helpful in helping you achieve what you want.

Here are 3 tips you can adopt to increase your chance of conceiving a boy:

1) Drinking Coffee (For Men only) – Drinking coffee helps to give a boost to the sperms, giving them the extra “strength” to swim faster, thus, increasing the chance of them reaching the egg.

So how does coffee help to increase your chance to have a son?

Well, since the Y sperm (responsible for producing baby boys) are generally better swimmers than the X sperm (responsible for baby girls), having them swim faster will mean that have a better chance of reaching the egg first.

In addition, the faster they swim, the lesser they are exposed to the acidic cervix discharge (These acidic discharge kills the Y sperm easily). The lesser the Y sperm are exposed to these discharge, the more the Y sperm will survive, thus increasing your chance to conceive a baby boy.

2) Wearing Boxer Shorts (For Men Only) – Temperature is one of the most important factor for sperm counts. High temperature kills sperms… and with a low sperm count, it automatically reduces your chance of getting pregnant.

In general, the amount of Y sperm and X sperm when released, are equal. Thus, in order to increase your chance of getting pregnant, you would want to go with a higher count rate.

Essentially, more sperm counts means more Y sperm and more Y sperm also means that it will increase your chance to have a boy baby.

3) Diet Regulation (For Women Only) – Your diet directly affects your body’s PH level. Regulating your diet will determine if you are more “alkaline” or more “acidic”.

As mentioned, the Y sperm does not survive well in an acidic environment. Thus, it affects their chance of reaching the egg.

By regulating your diet and making your body more alkaline, you indirectly makes the environment more “boy friendly”, thus increasing the chance of the Y sperm reaching the egg and giving you a baby boy.

Eat more alkaline inducing food like Broccoli, Lettuce, Chestnuts, Almonds, Strawberries and cut down on acid forming foods like beef, veal, corn, rice, salmon, cheese and ice creams.

By using the 3 pregnancy tips, you will increase your chance to conceive a baby boy naturally.

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