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Thoughts from a single mother about the school system. An essay.
When I was an undergraduate at Metropolitan State College of Denver I took some elementary education classes.  I did not get my certificate due to a divorce.  I changed my emphasis on biology in the effort to graduate sooner.  I have always loved teaching children; however, as the single mother of two children, I have not had the time to pursue a teaching degree.  I want to teach now because both my children have gone on to college and I am free to pursue a teaching career.  Children are my passion, they inspire and keep us young.
Having raised two children who attended school in DPS neighborhoods I bring the knowledge that public education is in need of help.  As a parent, I volunteered in the classrooms and as a teacher, I will work diligently to help the students increase their knowledge and study skills, so that we may lessen the gap.  I also bring the experience of raising two children as a single parent.  This will enable me to better understand what factors may be affecting the students in their home lives.  Not only am I empathetic to the students and their families, but I am also well-educated.  I have a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Health and Wellness and an MBA with a business management emphasis.  I am diligent and tireless when it comes to pursuing and completing goals.  My skills of listening and patience will benefit those children who are in need of special help and attention.  I am very excited at the potential I see with DTR to help so many children that would otherwise go unnoticed.  My goal is to help DTR increase the graduation rate of students within the DPS system.