Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Slumber Party Ideas For Your Little Princess

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or just to get together with friends, sleepovers are a huge deal. From the set up to the food to the games, hosting a slumber party is like a rite of passage for many young girls. So if your daughter is looking to have some friends over for the evening, be sure to take a look at some of our favorite sleepover ideas for your little princess!

Classic Movie Night

It doesn’t get much better than pajamas, popcorn and a movie. Easily enhance this standard go-to by putting together a blanket fort, or if there are too many guests for a fort, make the whole room extra cozy by adding as many blankets, pillows, and cushions as possible. Take the popcorn to the next level be providing flavored seasonings, or whip up a batch of colorful unicorn popcorn. Get some individual boxes of movie theater candy and provide a personal lap tray for everyone to keep the treats contained.

Princess Sleepover

If she’s all about royalty, castles and prince charming, a princess sumbler party may be the perfect fit for your little girl’s upcoming sleepover! Make some fun, princess-themed treats, and invite everyone to come decked out in their favorite princess pajamas, or check out these comfy, playtime friendly princess dresses for girls. Get everyone their own tiara and let them spend the evening playing make believe and watching princess movies!

At Home Glamping

Weather permitting, consider setting up a backyard glampsite! Get the tent out, string some bulb lights lights and set up a firepit for some gourmet smores. Make some edible face masks and let them have fun with your nail polish for a mini spa night. If it’s too chilly outside, try setting up the tent indoors! This small change of setting could be just the thing to take the sleepover to the next level, and make your little girl and her guests feel extra cool.

Aspiring Chefs

If she’s especially enamored with baking and preparing food, think about how you could tie that in to her sleepover. There are plenty of simple, kid-friendly recipes that you could incorporate, such as homemade bagel bites or a simple pan of brownies. Another way to make them feel extra fancy (with minimal prep on your part) is to make a cupcake fondue station. Whip up some mini cupcakes from a box mix, grab some fun colored frosting from the store and a variety of sprinkles and you’re set!

Arts and Crafts

Let the creative juices flow by finding some fun, sleepover-themed crafts for everyone. Gather supplies for everyone to make these unicorn sleeping masks, or have everyone decorate and personalize their own pillowcase. You may even want to let everyone try to make their own simple dreamcatcher. Don’t forget that some classic coloring books or coloring page downloads can keep them happy for hours!

A Sleepover Party To Remember

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that you could go as big and bold or small and simple as you want. The activities should enhance the sleepover experience. At the end of the day, this is an opportunity for your little princess to have a fun experience with her friends. So sit down with your daughter and plan out the sleepover of her dreams!


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