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Sleep Safety Tips for New Parents

Being a new parent brings with it many worries – sleep being one of them. If you want to ensure that your new baby sleeps comfortably and safely, check out these sleep safety tips to make sure you are providing the best sleeping environment for your newborn.

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Keep Them on Their Backs

Babies are unable to support their own heads, meaning their airway can easily be compromised. To maintain safety, babies should be put into their cots on their backs and only sleep this way. As children get older and are able to move more freely, they may begin to sleep on their side or stomach, but while they are small, keep them on their back to keep them safe when sleeping.

Use Fitted Sheets

It is important that the sheet on the cot is fitted so that it will not loosen in the night if you are picking up and moving your baby, or if they wriggle. A fitted sheet should actually be the only thing in the cot at night – toys, pillows and anything else should be kept out when your baby is in there.

Buy a Firm Cot Mattress

Although you may prefer having a soft mattress, it is incredibly important you purchase a firm mattress for your baby to sleep on. This is the safest thing for your newborn to lay on and reduces the risks of sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS. Babies are more likely to suffocate on a soft surface; therefore, this is an essential piece for your child’s cot. For more information on SIDS, click here.

Don’t Let Your Baby Sleep with You

For all parents, the temptation of giving your baby a cuddle in bed is all too real. Unfortunately, if we fall asleep too, this could cause a serious issue. Being a new parent is extremely exhausting, so it is best to stick to putting baby down before you get into bed to reduce the risk of you both falling asleep together.

Getting Enough Sleep Yourself

Parents need to be as well rested as possible to care for their baby and this is very tough when your baby is constantly waking. To get the best sleep possible, it is essential to work with your partner and find a pattern that works for you. If mum is breastfeeding, perhaps express some milk so dad can do some feeds through the night. Every parent works differently, and you will find a routine that works for you. When purchasing bedding for your baby, it may be worth looking at finding some new bedding for yourself. This organic bedding by Lily & Mortimer is comfortable and breathable, providing you with a great night’s sleep to keep you as well rested as possible.

Having your baby sleep in a safe environment will help you rest easier at night. Keep cots simple, with just a fitted sheet and no toys or pillows. Always put your baby on their back while sleeping and try to find a routine that works best so you can get as much sleep as possible too.

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