Kids Educational Craft Ideas – Alternatives to Using a Paint Brush

Painting opens up a world of colour and communication for children and is a wonderful way for them to create. There are many simple and exciting alternatives to using a paint brush.

String painting is easy and is a great way for children to pattern paint. You just wrap some string around a small wooden block (this could be a building block that your children play with). A square or rectangle shape is better, but make sure that it is big enough for the child to hold easily. To aid in your child’s learning, it is best to have a variety of different sizes handy. Prepare some paint and pour it into some old polystyrene trays or any tray that you can afford to use for lots of painting activities. Dip the block into the paint and press on the paper and you’re done!

Marble painting is another way for children to have fun and also learn hand eye coordination whilst creating different patterns. Prepare some paint and put it in a container that has deep sides, such as an old baking tray or a shallow cardboard box. The top of a shoe box is an excellent example providing that it is still strong and intact. Put some paper in the bottom of the tray with a small amount of paint (you can use two or three different colours at a time). Drop a marble in the tray and let the children move the marble backwards and forwards, sideways etc. to create their own work of art.

Finger painting develops the child’s sensory skills as they feel and touch the paint. Put some paint on an old table and let the children put their hands in it and make their own designs. If you do not have an old table that you can use, then you can always put some plastic on the table and this will suffice.

Please bear in mind that most paints are easily washed off surfaces and hands with hot soapy water but please check the instructions to be certain! Once the children have finished their painting, put a piece of paper on top and peel it off. Put it somewhere to dry and then they have a print of their art work to show to family and friends.

Here are some other quick tips and alternatives that your children may enjoy that can also be used for printing…

  • Cotton bud painting can encourage children to paint in a different way, which develops fine motor skills.
  • Cotton wool has a different feel and texture to it.
  • Paint rollers are fun to use on large rectangular areas. So this would be ideal for example, if you are planning on painting a red cardboard bus.
  • Cotton reels and corks can be used for pattern painting.
  • Sponges cut into different shapes can be a great way to recycle and you can use both their rough and smooth sides in painting. Some examples of shapes you can use are rectangles and circles and a diamond or star. You can also purchase sponge shapes from a good toy shop, or you can order them from educational supply magazines.
  • Other ideas include the cardboard rolls inside household foil and plastic wrap, plastic forks or jar lids.

Just remember to let those creative juices flow.

Helen Thompson is a qualified child care worker (Nursery Nurse) and Brain Gym consultant who has spent many years working with children aged between 0 – 8 years. Helen aims to provide busy parents, carers and teachers with fun and educational activities for children to develop their creativity.

Kids Educational Toys

Kids educational toys serve a much larger purpose besides simply giving your child something to play with, and keeping the out of your hair. Kids learning toys do just that; they create opportunities for your child to grow mentally, and to learn tools and functioning skills that they will need to call upon for their success as an adult. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why parents want their children to have educational toys. They want their kids to have a leg up when they go to school. Most parents are savvy enough to understand that education is a process, and not just something that takes place during school hours. Education needs to be supplemented at home. Parents who educate their children before the child starts school have often found that their child is more advanced, and have been elevated to higher grade levels above their age group. When parents supplement their child’s education in school with educational tools at home, they are setting their children up to become sophiticated, well-rounded people who are able to problem solve, and to understand complex concepts. Not only do these things help in college, but it also helps them in their career years at work. Educated kids became educated adults who can provide for themselves, and their families.

Kids educational toys can either promote creativity, or they can promote problem solving. Educational toys are sold for children who are newborns, up to their pre-teen years. Believe it or not, many parents want to immerse their children in educational pursuits from the time that they born! Parents feel that if they immerse their newborn into learning with kids toys, then the infant will pick up concepts by osmosis. Many parents want to challenge the brain function of the infant, so that when the child learns how to walk, talk, and interact with the world, the child will hopefully be more advanced then other children their age. Parents hope that if the child is advanced in their education, certain opportunities will come their way that might not otherwise.

When you are selecting kids educational toys for your child, keep in mind that while the purpose of educational toys are to help enlarge your child’s mentality, at the end of the day, it is a toy, and your child is a child. To that end, it’s very important to buy educational toys that your child will actually want to play with. You could buy kids educational toys that teaches your child how to count to 10 in five languages, or how to become a rocket scientist. But if your child doesn’t like the toy, or if the toy is too complex or frustrating, your child won’t play with it. This defeats the purpose, of course!

Exemplory Instance of the Pedagogical Training Report

Students who undertake their studies in direction of “pedagogy” face the requirement to compile a study on pre-diploma practice. Here is the final work pertaining to practical tasks, which will take into consideration and mirror the specifics and nuances for the process that is pedagogical. Students who possess chose to devote their lives into the teaching for the generations that are next passed pre-diploma practice in academic institutions of various levels. It may be schools, universities, technical schools, and even universities.

Preparation associated with the practice report that is pedagogical

There are particular demands to your structure associated with the report on pre-diploma training in pedagogical disciplines. It will consist of:

  • a diary;
  • workbook;
  • a written report regarding the tasks which were settled;
  • study of lessons;
  • faculties of students (as a whole and individually);

Practice Diary

The job associated with the senior student of training in the pedagogical occupation is to help keep a journal through the practice. The entries inside it need to be regular. The journal should explain the actions that have been arranged and carried out within the practice. The journal is a built-in part of the report, therefore you should look closely at its completion.

It’s important not only to keep a diary in a reliable and manner that is timely. It must be developed in conformity having a number of demands. The diary needs to have a title page with information on the data associated with the student, the instructor in addition to frontrunner associated with the training.

The diary will include the following sections:

The timing associated with the practice.

  1. Objectives and goals of practical work.
  2.  Data from the accepted host to passing the training, the composition of this pupils, what their age is and also the standard of understanding of the topic.
  3.  Set of lessons (according to the yearly thematic plan).
  4. The program of each and every training, a detailed analysis associated with the tutorial.
  5.  Information from the total outcomes of tests.
  6.  The teacher’s feedback regarding the practical work for the student.

It is critical to keep in mind that the duty regarding the teacher isn’t just to give pupils brand new knowledge but in addition to conducting work that is educational. Notes on extracurricular activities when they were an element of the training should be included in also the diary.

Practice report

There are particular requirements for the content of this report on a pre-diploma practice that is pedagogical.

The written text associated with the report includes blocks that are several

  1.  It’s important to share with in regards to the experience and knowledge that have been received by the learning student through the practice period. The student’s task is to draw conclusions in regards to the success of the practice, in what tasks were at the beginning of the work and how these were solved. And to assess how effective the effective use of theoretical knowledge gotten for the duration of training in real work had been.
  2.  It’s important to evaluate exactly how relations with students had been developed, just what problems and disputes arose. It is essential to speak about the ability to resolve disputes. Specify separately what was the role for the school teacher in your training, just how actively he took part in making the connection amongst the intern student and his students.
  3.  If you can find recommendations for optimizing the academic process or remarks through the practice, suggest them in the report.

Traits of pupils (+ class)

A component that is important of the report may be the characterization regarding the course altogether and every pupil individually. It needs you to definitely suggest the final amount of pupils that you had to deal with during training, how old they are, sex. The student must conduct his own analysis of the preparation level of children, assess their academic performance as part of the work on the characterization. The faculties should describe just what the pupils’ relationship using their teachers is, exactly how high may be the standard of control in the classroom (during training and extra-curricular tasks).

Describe the group: any kind of leaders that are obvious what exactly are relations in the course, how often disputes arise. Describe the interests of this young ones and exactly how much the pupils occupy a position that is active different occasions.

When composing the characteristics for every single young kid  .services, assess his behavior in the team, in terms of the student is friendly, welcoming how many times he’s involved with disputes.

Traits regarding the trainee

The student shall have a manager while attending the training. The teacher, who can end up being your training manager should create a characterization for you personally after the practice ended up being done.

Since the section of it, he should gauge the degree of your pedagogical knowledge, teaching methods, knowledge and psychology that is using pedagogy abilities. Your head associated with the practice should gauge the level of planning associated with pupil for studies, readiness and mindset to the pedagogical task.

Kids Educational Games

When your kids want to play games online, you might be annoyed that they are not doing something more constructive with their time. But fear not there are free fun kids educational games that your child will not only find fun but more importantly will learn whilst playing.

Research has shown that learning through play, fun and games has proven to build children’s’ creativity and imagination, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. In addition online games can also improve there IT and computer abilities too which is essential with the academic world being so technology reliant in this day and age.

Children’s educational games cover a large cross-section of skills and skill levels. Some of the games are even adaptable to the skill set, and age of your child. Some like “Number” and “Word” games can be adapted to target specific areas like addition, or multiplication, or choose different groups of words for spellings, and build word familiarity.

Some game titles you may recognize like Adders, similar to the classic snake game where not only must the snake not crash but you have the added challenge of hitting the right numbers.

It’s not just numbers and letters though, the “World Capital” game as well as being fun tests Geography knowledge. A top game to help your child out with their History knowledge is the “Famous People” game. As it tells you a little bit about each of the people and what they did in History.

A game that will help your child pick up the skills to be a DJ, although it looks like its just fun the game can potentially help your child realize how music comes together by mixing the different musical elements together and building something that sounds good.

Co-ordination games are essential too; these include “Simon Says”, where you have to repeat the musical and color pattern in this fun game. “Building Blocks” as well as helping your child match numbers also helps them build their strategy, by trying to predict which numbers will come next.

As well as being great games for kids, these games can be fun for adults as well, so when your child next wants to play games online allow them but point them in the direction of an educational game that will be beneficial.

A Complete Guide to Kids Education and Big Purchases

Parents always care for their children. Particularly, education is the most important. Education secures the future of a child. Who can deny that? But have you saved enough for your kids at the first place? Did you know that college financial-aid system can punish you for having money savings outside of retirement accounts and even more for investments being made that bears the name of your child?

It is a complete paradox. You first married to your spouse, hoping to build a happy, healthy family. Then you have your first born child. Few years down the road, you may or may not be struggling to make ends meet. You realize that you still have to save for your kids’ education and future. What about purchasing a car for going to school or university?

Funding your child alone could mean sacrificing all personal gratifications for the love of your children. Some parents are even struggling at the idea of being selfish or being loving to their children. The key is to maintain a balance here instead of overspending on a child or yourself at the first place. This also teaches him or her (your children) to be a better parent next time.

It does sound a little bit not right at first. It can even sound very self-centered. But truth to be told, you, even as a parent, must control your future first. First and foremost, take charge of your retirement account which is tax-protected. Only then you can proceed to save money in your children accounts.

What if you had given it all for your children first and you yourself second? Well, this is not a smart move. In the end, you might have to depend on your children in future. In turn, this creates a burden for them when they become adults themselves.

On the subject of saving for huge spending, never ever do it with credit. Huge spending includes buying a boat, plane ticket, and so on. These kind of spending are branded as consumer items, contrary to the wealth-building assets and investments (such as real estate and businesses).

The subject of instant gratification is always at hand. Instead, learn how to delay those impulses. Saving for large purchases is always better than spending on credit. Spending on credit will make a person spend first and pay later.

In the end, you should know that debts caused by credit spending will slow you down from achieving financial freedom. Just to illustrate, a figure of 20% of interest rate is enough to let you know how high it is.

Kids Educational Games Make Great Presents

Are you looking for a children’s gift that is unique, fun, but also educational? Whether you are shopping for a birthday present, Christmas present or just a special gift for a young child in your life, you can find dozens of ideas online. Many parents and caregivers value the importance of play that incorporates learning opportunities. Kids learn a wide range of skills from developmental toys and games while also having fun.

If you are stuck for ideas, check out the following toys and games that are sure to inspire creatively and learning.

Puzzles – Puzzles are a great way to help children gain more knowledge of their surroundings and better hand eye coordination. Jigsaw puzzles are a great indoor activity for kids to do. You can buy simple puzzles with big, colourful pieces for toddlers to more advanced puzzles for school kids that have a range of pieces to join together.

Counting Games – Counting on ones fingers is the most natural thing to do. All young children start to count on their fingers and our fingers are there to help! One popular counting game you may not have heard of is wooden counting hands. You can find these online at reputable online kid’s stores that sell wooden toys. This game is great for developing an understanding of number concepts.

Wooden Skis – This is great gift if you are buying for two children to share. Wooden Skis are a lot of fun for two kids. If you buy a pair with rubber blocks underneath, they can then be used outdoors as well as inside. This fun and unique activity provides enjoyable exercise, while also encouraging movement and co-ordination.

Balance Scales and Weights – This is a creative way of teaching children about the relationship between weight and balance. Many balance scales and weights games come with a range of toy weights to experiment with, but if not, it will be easy enough to find weights from around the home to use.

Learn How To Tell The Time – A creative way of learning to tell the time involves games where kids can move the hands of the clock around the clock face to match the numbers of the time. Look for a clock that has the words ‘quarter past’, ‘half past’ and ‘quarter to’ written on its face; this is a helpful reminder for young children when pronouncing the time.

As you can see there are dozens of unique, fun and creative educational kids’ games available. Kids toys made from renewable resource timbers and non-toxic paints are proving to be quite popular with parents and caregivers. You can easily find toys made from natural materials online. Happy shopping!

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