Magic Tricks for Kids – Parents Guide

A Parents Guide to Buying Magic Tricks – Purchasing Magic that will Make Your Child a Star! First of all, thanks for reading this short guide – it will help both you and your children! If your children are interesting in performing magic trick, please don’t discourage them! Magic has many practical developmental benefits! Purchasing Magic Tricks is not a waste of money! In fact for LESS than the price of one Xbox or PS3 game you can invest in a magic kit that will teach your children the fundamentals of Magic! Why is that important for you and your kids? Some of the Benefits learning Magic has for kids (as well as adults) are:

  • Increase in Self-Confidence!
  • Increase in Self-Esteem!
  • Increased Manual Dexterity!
  • Development of Problem Solving Skills!
  • Development of a Greater sense of Imagination!
  • Development of Increased Social Skills!
  • Development of Increased Verbal Skills!
  • A Life-Long Hobby that can turn into a paid Career!
  • Spending More Time with Your Children and Bonding with them!

And this is only a short list! I think that if you were to weigh the Benefits of Magic against, say, against buying another Video Game the comparison becomes clear – Learning Magic Tricks is an Investment in Your Child that pays back over the course of a lifetime! What benefits does another video game offer?

Where to Start…Under the Age of 8 The last thing you want is to frustrate your child with magic tricks that are too complicated for your child’s age or ability! For children under the age of 8 that are interested in magic, I would suggest any “Self-Working” magic tricks. These are magic effects that do all the work, but still look great! I would Especially Recommend the following easy to do, self-working magic tricks found at most magic shops or online retailers:

  • Ball & Vase
  • Spiked Coin
  • Drawer Box
  • Buddha Money Mystery
  • Coin Catcher & Vanisher
  • Coloring Book (Pocket size is Best for Small Hands!)
  • Crazy Cube
  • Double X Rating Pen
  • Hypnotic Choice
  • Jumping Pen
  • Multiplying Coin Tray
  • Penetration Frame
  • Shrinking Die

Ages 8 and Over… If your child is over the age of eight, I would highly recommend any American made magic set. Why? Because not only will your child be introduced to all kinds of magic (card, coin, stage, mentalism, etc.), the top quality magic sets come with DVDs that will teach your child how to perform magic tricks in an easy to understand, visual format – and get it right! It eliminates their frustration, and yours! In addition, when you buy magic sets, they save you a good deal of money compared to buying many individual tricks. Once your child has finished with the wet, both you and they will have a better idea of what kind of magic they really want to pursue. I would then recommend looking into further instructional DVDs and individual magic tricks specialized in the area of magic they would like to pursue.

Tips for Parents… Frustration can set in if things aren’t going right for your child when trying to perform magic. Please take the time to enjoy magic with them! Help them to understand and practice magic tricks – there can be some complex ideas behind the principles and moves. Its a great opportunity for you to spend more time with your child and perhaps both develop a hobby that you both love! As always, these are very general guidelines. All children are different, but this guide should help you on your way to introducing your child to magic in a cost effective and fun way that reduces everyone’s frustration.

Healthy Nutrition For Your Baby

Every new parent wants what’s best for their newborn including good nutrition which affords parents the opportunity to give their baby a healthy start in life.

Many times, parents don’t consider how much of an influence this can have on their child’s health from immune system development through adequate nutrition. This article will give basic tips for parents in order to aid in the healthy development of an infant’s immune system through pregnancy and into the first year.

Pregnancy: Women should keep in mind that what they eat has a direct effect on their unborn child. Having a good source of minerals, vitamins and other assorted supplements as well as maintaining proper hydration will keep mom-to-be remain healthy.

Supporting an infant’s immune system and its development is something that experts recommend and they also state that eating protein-rich foods like lean meats, soy, legumes and foods like broccoli, blueberries and red potatoes which are rich in antioxidants.

The First Year: Prior to giving birth, babies develop and receive antibodies from the mother. Antibodies from the mother provide the baby’s initial immunity, but it declines rapidly after birth. As a baby develops, they begin to take on their own antibodies as the mother’s begins to decline.

Breast-feeding is another highly recommended way for passing on the immune protection in the form of antibodies to the infant after birth. It is advised that a mother should breast-feed for at least the first year of life.

Antibodies help keep an infant healthy; this is the position of Bridget Swinney, dietician, mother and author of “Healthy Food for Healthy Kids: A Practical and Tasty Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition.” According to Swinney, if a mom opts for infant formula or supplements it, she should look for an iron-fortified formula that is pretty close to breast milk such as Similac Advance.

Infant formulas offer specific breast milk nucleotides which are compounds, and clinical research has shown that Similac Advance’s blend of nucleotides helps in the development of the infant’s immune system.

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The Solution For Bed Wetting

Each and every day kid bed wetting happens to many kids. It is known that bed wetting is something very common at a child. Also, in most cases, children that are under the age of eight and have problems in making it to the bathroom at night may be one of several in their class to have this problem. Infrequently, at least, until they are the age of eight (and sometimes older), it is considered normal for a child to wet the bed. If your child’s body just isn’t developed enough to handle this, there may be little that you can do to help.

For most of those that have bed wetting problems, there are options, for example, they can be helped by using bed wetting products like wetting alarms. These wetting alarms help by triggering your body to react to the moisture that they sensor.

Also, they help in avoiding the embarrassing bed wetting condition. Learning how to get up handle the condition as well, is also an effect of wetting alarms. A child that feels empowered to secure the help that they need is a child that has this ability. They can work on how to solve they’re own problem, sometimes by their own.

In the way of encouragement, kids that wet the bed also need a lot of help. Using products like bed wetting pants can be a great help sometimes, but, besides this, the most important thing is not to express your anger on your child. It is definitely something that they do not want to happen any more, and isn’t something that they can help with, in most cases. Because of this, providing reassurance and helping your kid that is bed wetting will pay off for them in a much more important way.

Patience, time and the help of your doctor can also help you seek for a solution if your child is experiencing problems with bed wetting. In helping to find a solution to this problem there are many reasons to believe that there are tools and aids, but before seeking it’s important to realize what is causing the bed wetting in the first place. Seeking out the help of your doctor is necessary if you are having a wetting of the bed problem, even it’s hard to understand.

The doctor will offer a solution to the problem once he determines if the bed wetting comes from medical reasons. In case of medical reasons, to alleviate this problem there are medications and other procedures that can be done. Even if the bed wetting problems in not because of medical reasons there may still be help. For example, wetting the bed, at children can come if they are under pressure or too much stress. Finding a solution to their problem in cases like this is exceptionally important for them to work through those problems.

Bed wetting in a child, can be sometimes, that is theirs to outgrow. Helping in aiding them to find a solution to their problem can be the use of tools like bed wetting alarms and diapers. Growing out of their problem in time may just be the thing. Because doctors can help in cases of bed wetting, is the first thing that you should do to find a solution.